What is guaranteed and burst memory (RAM) ?

When you sign up for a VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting plan with Hosterbox, you'll be given the option to choose the amount of RAM you need. RAM, or Random Access Memory, is an important component of any server, as it determines how much data can be stored and accessed by the server at any given time.

When it comes to RAM on a VPS, there are two main types to consider: guaranteed memory and burst memory.

Guaranteed memory, also known as guaranteed RAM, is the amount of RAM that is allocated to your VPS at all times. This means that no other VPS on the same physical server can use this memory, and it is always available to your VPS. This is important because it ensures that your VPS always has a certain amount of resources available, even during times of high traffic or resource usage.

Burst memory, also known as burstable RAM, is extra memory that is available to your VPS if it is needed. This memory is not dedicated solely to your VPS, and can be used by other VPSs on the same physical server if they are not using their own allocated resources. This means that if your VPS experiences a sudden spike in traffic or usage, it can temporarily access extra memory to handle the load.

The amount of guaranteed and burst memory available to your VPS will depend on the plan you choose with Hosterbox. When selecting a plan, it's important to consider the amount of traffic and resource usage your website or application is likely to experience, and choose a plan that provides enough guaranteed memory to handle your typical usage, with enough burst memory to handle occasional spikes.

It's also worth noting that while burst memory can provide extra resources when needed, it's not a replacement for having enough guaranteed memory. If your VPS consistently uses more memory than it has guaranteed access to, it can lead to performance issues and instability.

In summary, guaranteed and burst memory are both important components of a VPS hosting plan. Guaranteed memory provides a baseline level of resources that are always available to your VPS, while burst memory can provide extra resources during times of high usage. When choosing a VPS plan with Hosterbox, consider your typical resource usage and choose a plan with enough guaranteed memory to handle it, with enough burst memory to handle occasional spikes.

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