Our Network

Simply the best in the industry

Our Scalable Network

We have a large, fast and reliable network with proven speed and reliability. Our network never exceeds 60% of its total capacity. This ensures that there is bandwidth available at all times. In addition to this, all network connections are virtually unbreakable due to dual redundant routers at all major network points. On top of this, we have firewalls at every point of entry and exit to maximize security. Our network is simply the best in the industry.


We currently have a vast network capacity of 50GBPS on the following network providers: Tinet, Verio, Level3, Allegiance, and Cogent, forming a strong and unbreakable network. These connections are fully redundant and are connected through two routers at all times to ensure that if any one piece of hardware fails there is always backup hardware and network connections that compensate for the faulty hardware immediately, resulting in absolutely no downtime. We have a few different types of redundancies in our data center that ensure no downtime: protection against power failure, physical intrusion, firewalls for protection against logical network attacks, climate control, backup power generation, and fire suppression equipment. In addition to our hardware redundancy, our network providers are directly connected to our data center via an OC192 backbone to provide the fastest network possible. The bottom line is that our network and servers up, stay fast, and our infrastructure is secure.