What is Domain ID Protection?

Domain ID Protection acts as a shield, concealing the contact information of domain registrants from the prying eyes of public WHOIS databases. At Hosterbox, we strongly recommend utilizing this service when you register a domain with us. It's a proactive step towards safeguarding your personal details and maintaining your digital privacy.

There are various platforms that offer complimentary WHOIS lookups, like the ones mentioned below. These platforms can easily display the name, email, residential address, and phone number of a domain's registered owner:

Making your registration details publicly accessible can lead to unsolicited requests, either to buy your domain or pitch services to you. Given ICANN's stipulation for accurate registrant details, there's a pressing need to cloak these details when they're subject to public searches. By activating ID Protection—known in some circles as Whoisguard or Domain Privacy—you'll replace your personal details with that of a "Privacy Agent", effectively blocking unwanted solicitations.

It's worth noting that while changes to your WHOIS protection reflect instantly at the registrar's end, some online WHOIS databases cache their data. This might cause a slight delay before they sync with the most recent updates.

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